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Dont let this price fool you. The Art of Astonishment series is a MUST HAVE for all magicians Whether youre a beginner or a pro this book has something for everybody. It contains such classic tricks as Cros Twist Las Vegas Leap Think Of A Card Unshuffling Rebecca Invisible Rising Card Torn amp Restored Coin ...and many more See a complete list of effects in this volume right here It even has my personal favorite packet trick of all time Re-Set Honestly folks I bought this entire book myself just to learn this one trick It just so happens that the book is packed with so many other show stopping effects that you will not regret adding it to your collection. The book is a hardback copy very durable and easily illustrated. Not to mention Paul Harris is one funny individual scattering his humor throughout the text.

Street magic,With illustrations,Original ideas and refinements,A Total of 222 Effects,Pages 312 - Hard Bound


I have seen this book list as high as $135.00 

Our Price $40.00 

Art of Astonishment Volume 1 by Paul Harris

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