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"Now you can take a moment to evoke the memory of some of the greatest personalities to have passed through this world."

What is Cemetery?

There are thirteen cards of personalities (Kobe Bryant, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, Charles Chaplin, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Stephen Hawking, Theresa Calcutta and Leonardo da Vinci). Each card has a coffin-themed back, and each and every card will rest inside a graveyard-look envelope. With this fusion, you will be able to create magic and art!

Self-Working Routines

CEMETERY PERFORMANCE: A cemetery envelope is presented and we talk about the tombs and how the coffins are inside them, at the same time that the cards are extracted showing their coffin backs. The cards and the cemetery envelope are left aside for a few seconds, but not before without mentioning that these are not just any kind of coffins!

All this said and done. An ordinary deck of cards is introduced, which is shuffled and cut very neatly, so that a spectator ends up positioning the graveyard envelope somewhere in it through a complete cut. Now the faces of the coffin-backed cards are revealed, and the audience can see that these are famous personalities who have passed away.

Once all the personalities have been introduced, attention is directed again to the deck of cards, where the graveyard envelope is pinned. The deck is spread out and the graveyard envelope with the two cards that trapped it like a sandwich is removed. The rest of the deck is set aside, and the identity of both cards is shown, emphasizing the value of each one.

At this point it is mentioned that personality cards also have values written in the design. The two that match the values of the two cards previously drawn from the deck are drawn, and the rest of the personality cards are left face down to the side, so that they continue to rest in peace!

The magic begins when it is explained to the audience that the cemetery has owners. A small piece of paper that was lying inside the cemetery envelope is slipped, and to everyone's astonishment... "The name of the two personalities chosen at random by the values." It will be written on the paper, these are the owners of the cemetery!

We just need to finish! To do this, you take the cards that are face down showing the coffins on their backs, and show that a rose rests on each coffin! But in the coffin of the two personalities who own the cemetery, rest the cards drawn from the deck!


Features ten cards of deceased famous personalities and a prediction. One or two spectators can shuffle the cards ad nauseam. A process of discarding and choosing is carried out with the cards face down, totally transparent and free for the audience. Their minds explode when they see the prediction match their choices!

(This second routine is inspired by "Head-to-Head Poker" by card magic grand-master Paul Gordon.)


  • 45 minute instructional video.
  • Bonus module included.
  • Word documents with cards and envelope, ready to print!
  • Interactive, fun and mysterious.
  • Easy to do.
  • Ideal routines for walking magic or professional acts.

Download and start learning!


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