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You display two small plastic canisters, each with a red cap, and a single die. You turn toward a spectator and ask, What if I could read your mind You place the die in your spectators hand and close her fingers around it. You continue, Choose any number on the die and place it into the canister with your number facing up. Whatever you do, don't let me see it. Keeping your eyes closed, you turn your head to the side while your spectator places the die in the canister. Without looking, you immediately place a cap on the canister. You place the small canister inside the large canister to ensure the die is completely concealed. You look deep into your spectators eyes, and ask her to focus on her number You smile. You've got it. Without hesitation you tell the spectator the number she has chosen.

Ideal Performance Situations
This effect is perfect for every close-up situation. It's too small for effective stage use. We perform it almost everywhere we go. Everyone loves it.

Why is this trick so popular

  • You can repeat it instantly (as many times as you like) without spectators catching on to the diabolical secret.
  • It's small enough to carry everywhere.
  • It's very easy to perform very well.

Crazy Cube

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