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Reveal a selected card at the end of a night out to dinner with friends. A card revelation is hidden in plain sight until you want that extra information revealed. Finish your meal with more than a fortune using Dan Harlan’s Cryptic Cookie.

Here’s what happens:

The magician offers a selection of fortune cookies after a card is selected and remembered. Everyone opens their fortune cookies and reads their fortune aloud for the group to hear, and they play the after-dinner game where you add a humorous phrase to the end of the fortune. After a good laugh, the magician tells his informal audience that often the people who write fortune cookies often do their best to embed hidden messages in the fortunes themselves. The magician takes the fortune from the person who selected the card and folds the fortune into quarters. When the fold is revealed, the letters line up, so that inside the original fortune is the identity of the card selected before any of the cookies were even opened.

Cryptic Cookie comes with custom fortunes that allow for a variety of card reveals. Basic sleight of hand is all that is required to perform this incredible card revelation. The fortunes you receive are specially designed so that they are easy to read and will get great reactions from your audience. This offbeat effect is the perfect way to end any meal with your friends, family members, or potential clients. Spread good fortune to all of your audiences with Cryptic Cookie by Dan Harlan.


Retail Price $19.95 

Our Price $15.00 

Cryptic Cookie

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