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Imagine this: you're at a friend's party and you reach into an ice chest and pull out a soda. You show everyone the full can - the top, bottom, and sides. You then tell them about a game of "soda can roulette" you used to play in college and begin to vigorously shake the can in front of them. You then tell them that you've never lost or been sprayed because you use magic to win and instantly crush the can to the utter shock of the spectators.

Paul Kostrach has been using Emptied for over 10 years, often as an opener to his show-and it kills every time. When we first saw it, we simply had no idea how it was done; it really blew our minds.

After 8 months of working with a manufacturer who has patents covering the production of beverage cans, we were able to secure a professionally made gimmick that makes this and many more effects possible, which is included inside along with a superbly produced instructional DVD hosted by the creator of Emptied himself.

In keeping with our philosophy that magic is more powerful with everyday items, Emptied is much more than a single trick DVD, but rather it is a utility device that will help unlock your imagination on the kinds of effects you can now create with soda and beer cans almost anywhere in the world.


Retail Price $24.95 

Our Price $15.00 

Emptied by Paul Kostrach and James Clark

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