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What if? You present yourself on a table or a stage or a street show... Take out a paper bag, unfold it, show it front and back and then very make a glass of water or any small object appear!

In this instructional you will learn how to prepare and perform this amazing organic trick with most any object or paper bag.

  • Instant reset.
  • Create your own gimmick in 5 minutes and it will last for hundreds of performances.
  • Suitable for parlor, stage, table hoping and close-up.
  • Very practical and easy.
  • Show the bag front and back at the beginning and at the end of the trick.
  • Use it as an stand alone routine, or as a part of a comedy routine with the whole audience, to introduce yourself or give away a souvenir.
  • Learn an alternate use for a way to start your stage show with a BLAST!
  • Complete instructions shot on HD with Luis

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