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Patrick's magic is smart, visual and very original. Since we first came across Patrick, we have been huge fans of his magic. Extortion ticks so many boxes and is a bill change that looks unbelievably good!

Imagine with a gentle FINGERTIP touch, magically change a $1 to a $20 with a CLEAN display from beginning to end.

Also a powerful new method to visually transpose the bill from yours to the SPECTATOR's hands!

1. Take two bills of different value.
2. Your spectator takes one of the bills and clinches it in their fist.
3. YOU unfold the other bill...slowly, gracefully show your bill from all sides.
4. With a light shake, your bill morphs into YOUR SPECTATOR'S bill!
5. Your spectator opens their hand and the bills have impossibly CHANGED.

"I was looking at the camera monitor when we filmed this effect live. Holy sh@t it totally looked edited!"Herman H., Creative Director from SansMinds"

"I saw this live. This looks like CG! Will Tsai"

  • Fully examinable.
  • Thin, flexible gimmick which makes the operation simple and natural.
  • Gimmick included. Make your currency in under 10 minutes.
  • Works with foreign currencies and other paper objects.
  • In-depth DVD instruction by Patrick Kun.


Retail Price $35.00 

Our Price $25.00 

Extortion by Patrick Kun

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