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These are now made in plastic. You will want the original wood box which is not longer available. Red backed Bicycle.


The Original Mystery Box by John Kennedy


The magician displays a small wooden box with a lid in place. Next, he has a playing card freely selected and signed by a spectator. The signed card is mixed back into the deck, and the magician asks, “What are the chances of me finding your card in 10 seconds or less… without looking at the cards… pretty slim, right?”The performer holds the deck behind his back for several seconds, then brings it out and announces, “Done!” He pauses briefly, then continues, “But it’s not in the deck…” He points to the wooden box that has been resting on the table all along.There’s absolutely no way the card could be inside because no one has touched the box from the beginning! The performer picks up the box with an empty hand and has the lid removed by the spectator. Lo and behold, it contains a folded card. The card is dumped out onto the spectator’s hand and it turns out to be HIS SIGNED CARD!


The routine is easy to learn with no difficult sleight-of-hand, and several interesting variations are included.The Original Mystery Box is made from solid hardwood by a master craftsman. It looks like an elegant container, not like a gimmick or prop. At the conclusion, you can leave the box on the table for the audience to handle. They won’t find anything unusual!


Discontinued for many years and the newest model doesn't even compare to this original version!This is one of the nicest and well-made versions that has ever been manufactured by the best!These card boxes are extremely rare and sought after by magicians and collectors!This is the best! HARD TO FIND! VERY RARE! EXCELLENT CONDITION! YOU GET THE BOX, ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS, AND GIMMICK


When these come up in magic auctions they have gone for over $100.00 


Our price is only $70.00 

John Kennedy's Mystery Box

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