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This instant download is offered at NEW higher quality 

If you're looking for reasons to feed your instant gratification, we have some:

RARITIES from this Up-master include the previously unpublished routines: Look at Me, I'm Special and A Simple Woodcutter as well as the extremely difficult to find Exhibit A.

VALUE ADDED from this up-master include high-value downloads at a savings in Not This, Prophecy Pack and Fill in the Blank Transpo.

WONDERMENT from this Up-master include two TRUE "magician foolers" in the elegant Mucilaginous Monte, and the masterfully performed The Very Last Card.

Vol. 1 - PREMISE

David focuses on different elements of presentation. In Volume One, the element of premise is explored as he presents a variety of effects that highlight this facet of a magical performance.
Each of these stunning effects is performed in front of a live audience and then fully explained:

  • Look at Me, I'm Special (unpublished) - A Four-Ace production that leads to an ultra-clean moment of magic.
  • Carried Away (from Constant Fooling) - An any-deck, any time incredible transportation.
  • Eight Ball (from Constant Fooling)- Ink slides off a playing card and forms itself into an eight ball!
  • Tenacious Climber (from Constant Fooling)- This entertaining approach to the Ambitious Card plot leads to a climax that will fool all.
  • Coins Through the Table (from Constant Fooling)- Stand-up versions of this plot are few and far between...and this one is a killer.
  • Exhibit "A" (from Penumbra) - A stunning handling of Hamman's Signed Card plot. Magic just seems to happen.
  • Sum of the Parts (from Constant Fooling)- A spectator shuffles a deck and selects a card, then a demonstration of playing card mathematics (and visual changes) ensues in which cards "add up," finally totaling the selection!
  • Shred of Proof (from Constant Fooling)- An eerie revelation with dozens of applications.
  • My Best Friend (from Close-Up & Personal) - A chop cup routine with a the form of a small mouse.
  • Chink-A-Drink (from Constant Fooling) - The classic assembly with a logical kicker.

Vol. 2 - POWER

Power is the focus of Volume Two. In this collection of routines, David explores various ways power can be defined in a performance of magic, lending a subtle variety to a series of presentations.
Each of these stunning effects is performed in front of a live audience and then fully explained:

  • Isolated Force (from Close-Up & Personal) - A unique and convincing force of a card in which the back of the card is never seen.
  • Half & Half (from Star Quality) - A signed card changes color in an atypical fashion.
  • Perfectly Oiled (from Star Quality) - A very clear Oil & Water effect that builds to a no-moves climax.
  • Face It, You've Changed (from Constant Fooling) - A spectator selects a card, examines it and signs it. Its back changes spite of the fact that the magician never touches the card.
  • An Incredible Journey (from Star Quality) - A signed card invisibly travels into a card box that has been placed inside the magician's jacket pocket.
  • Not Quite Dead / Haunted Pack (unpublished) - A demonstration of supernatural forces that uses a classic method in a novel way.
  • A Magic Lesson (from Constant Fooling) - A tongue-in-cheek explanation of Card to Pocket leads to an inexplicable magical climax involving a spectator's signature.
  • Holding On (from Star Quality & Constant Fooling) - A playing card is signed. The magician stands and reaches under the table with an empty hand. When he presses on the deck, the selection passes through the table.
  • Prophecy Pack (dealer item, details of construction explained) - This is the incredible hands-off prediction effect Regal used to fool all and sundry when he moved to the West Coast.
  • Penny for Your Thoughts (from Close-Up & Personal) - A glass of pennies is examined-the dates are different. The spectator selects a penny while the performer's back is turned, yet the performer tells him the date.
  • Fill in the Blank Transpo (from Constant Fooling) - One of Regal's current signature pieces-a clear and spotlessly clean transposition of two playing cards.


This volume deals with effects in which audience participation is stressed. The element of participation creates a unique dynamic in a performance of magic and can create a sense of community.
Each of these stunning effects is performed in front of a live audience and then fully explained:

  • Lucky Seven (from Constant Fooling) - An incredible self-working prediction effect, presented complete with Regal's latest touches.
  • Control Yourself (from Constant Fooling) - A shuffled-deck impossibility. Two spectators are given the ability to find their own selections.
  • Clandestine Collectors (from Close-Up & Personal) - A handling of the collector's theme with some uniquely sneaky elements.
  • Not This (from Constant Fooling) - Anytime, anywhere impromptu mentalism. All you need is paper and a pencil.
  • Coincidence Deck (from Constant Fooling) - A display of amazing sympathy that can involve everyone in the room.
  • A Simple Woodcutter (unpublished) - Spectators shuffle the deck, yet the top card matches the magician's prediction...which is carved into a plank of wood.
  • Off-Color Thought (from Constant Fooling) - A visually perfect switch with myriad applications.
  • Mystic Poker (from Close-Up & Personal) - A new plot. The spectator draws any card that can be found in a royal flush onto a blank card...then the magician magically prints the other cards needed to fill out the hand!
  • Mucilaginous Monte (from Constant Fooling) - A monte with sequences that will slay.

Vol. 4 - REGAL STANDS ERECT: The Stand-Up Magic of David Regal

This volume offers two of David's pet stand-up effects, Journey to Love and The Very Last Card - workhorse routines that will excite the working performer by virtue of their practicality and entertainment value. Also included is a card transposition will suited to platform work and a very visual walk-around effect with matchboxes. As a bonus, David's close-up story trick showpiece After Hours is explained in detail.

  • Journey to Love (from Constant Fooling) - This impossible prediction injects comedy and audience by-play into Don Wayne's "Room Service" plot (based on a wonderful Larry Becker method).
  • Swindle Transpo (from Close-Up & Personal) - Subtlety is layered upon subtlety in a playing card transposition that can play on the largest stage.
  • Got a Light? (from Close-Up & Personal) - Two matchboxes are examined, then proceed to perform an incredible series of animations. A combination of the "Sympathetic Matchboxes" and "Acrobatic Matchbox" plots. Perfect for walk-around.
  • The Very Last Card (from Constant Fooling) - A card-elimination routine that utilizes test conditions to create a devastating outcome. This will bother people.

Bonus Routine:

After Hours (from Constant Fooling) - Regal's contribution to the full-deck story genre, this is distilled entertainment guaranteed to generate applause.

Premise, Power and Participation (4 vol set) by David Regal

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