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This is a very clever version of the Candle Thru Silk effect where in everything can be inspected both before and after the performance. You pass a pair of tubes with two pairs of holes on each tube and a pair of silks for inspection. The items are then retrieved from the audience and the silks are passed through the tubes. It is clearly visible that the tubes are filled with the silks and there is no place for anything to pass through them. You light a candle and pass the lit candle through the silks without harming them. If you prefer you can also create a small burst of flames as the candle is passed through the silks, yet the silks remain unaffected. The trick comes with the two tubes one measuring about 4" in height and the other measuring 5" in height. It also comes with a pair of 9" silks.


Retail Price $19.95 

Our Price $12.00 


Brand New from collection -

Includes original box all props 2 silks and instructions 


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