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Turn your collectible trading cards into incredible packet tricks with no arts and crafts. 50 DUBS (double-pocket) and 50 SINGS (single-pocket) sleeves included.

Your favorite collectible trading cards can now be safely used to perform your favorite packet tricks. Evolve your NFW routine with Pokemon. Power up your Wild Card routine with Magic: The Gathering. Lay a trap for your audience in a McDonald’s Aces routine with Yu-Gi-Oh! Dubs are a utility device that allows you to perform incredible magic with CCG, and other trading cards without risking your valuable collection. Turn your magic into a collector’s item when you perform with DUBS 


DUBS Card Sleeves look just like the card sleeves used to protect collectible cards used by hobbyists and gamers worldwide, but they hide an awesome secret. The DUBS card sleeve can create double facers, double backers, and other popular gaffs used in your favorite packet card tricks thanks to a patented double-pocket design that looks from each side like an ordinary sleeve.

DUBS comes with the familiar single card sleeves SINGS that match the color and size of DUBS perfectly, while providing ordinary examinable cards for your effect. Combine these with DUBS to make your gaff cards hide in plain sight. Have too many ideas to pick just one? DUBS comes with plenty of both types of sleeves to make your collectible packet trick dreams come true. Transform your collectible cards into powerful magic with Dubs Card Sleeves.


Retail Price $29.95

Our Price $20.00 

DUBS Card Sleeves (Black)

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