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  This classic piece of utility apparatus was invented by Tommy Windsor back in the 1940's, and it remains a very practical way to "dye" silks or transform other flat items. 

          This is the version currently being made by EZ Magic. It replicates the original envelope packaging, but has updated instructions as compared to the original vintage dye boxes put out by EZ Magic.

          This new model popcorn box is slightly larger than the original vintage boxes (7.25 x 4.25 inches versus the originals at 7 x 4 inches). This box design looks like what we remember popcorn boxes from our childhood looking like.

          If you are unfamiliar with this utility item, it is a normal looking popcorn box that you can open up flat and show empty, then reassemble and  pull a couple 12" silks from inside. Or push the silks into the box and cause them to vanish. There are TONS of possibilities with this practical and inexpensive prop that defines the phrase "packs flat, plays big!"

          This utility prop will come in handy for many, many routines! Brand new and unused.

Popcorn Dye Box - by Tommy Windsor

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