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Would you like to learn how to book your act into every kind of venue????? How to have an act that is commercial and how to take whatever type of magic you perform and make money with it. "THE SUCCESS BOOK" Vol. 1 RARE and CLASSIC!!! The ORIGINAL and the best! By Frances and Jay Marshall. There are many magicians marketing courses now. Some good some not so good...some by fools who have hardly performed any shows themselves. You know the names Fances and Jay Marshall. They are respected amongt the best in magic. This huge volume is packed with ideas, step by step instructions...sample flyers, and other advertising materials. Malls...Trade Shows...Stage Shows to work and BOOK every kind of venue. Essays and articles by many of the greatest in magic. Originally published in 1973 but packed with TIMELESS valuable info for those interested in going the professional route. A must for anyone serious about making a living with MAGIC..


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