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Thought Of Cards Across

Parlor and stage magic

Thought Of Cards Across

Quite possibly the cleanest and most practical Cards Across routine ever made!

With no awkward counts or palming, you can make a thought of card impossibly travel between two packs of cards. It is truly as direct and straightforward as shown in the demo video.

Thought of Cards Across starts by showing a packet of 10 red cards and a packet of 10 black cards. You then instruct a spectator to mentally select one of the black cards. Then, without any difficult sleight of hand or sneaky moves, that black card vanishes from its pack and reappears as the only black card in the red packet.

This effect is incredibly easy to do and takes place in the spectator's hands! It is a true reputation maker for any parlor magic or stage magic performer.

Despite Morgan & West being known for their duo act, Thought of Cards Across can be easily performed by any solo performer.

While this effect is mentioned in Morgan & West's best-selling book Parlour Tricks, this is the first time you can easily get your hands on custom-made sets of every card you'll need to perform this amazing magic trick.

Each set includes Red Phoenix Large Index Cards

Thought of Cards Across by Morgan & West

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