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50 Money Making and Marketing Tips for any Entertainer

Wes Iseli has created a booklet filled with 50 ways to use your magic skills to make money in the real world. Whether you’re a balloon artist, face painter, or magician, a beginner or pro, there is a ton of information that will get you thinking differently about how you market yourself and who you market to.

You will learn how to advertise in new places for free and have other people do the work for you * You will learn over 40 different types of shows you could be doing now * New and creative ways to advertise at the gig your’re already working * and more

You will learn how to take your current shows and make more out of them as well as getting them to give out your cards while singing your praise. This book can only be written by someone who has worked almost every venue there is out there and has 17 years as a full time magician under his belt. If you want to work, Buy this book!


50 Money Making and Marketing Tips Booklet

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