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The lecture notes from Devin Knight's tour. More than a set of lecture notes this is almost a complete book in itself! Features mind-boggling effects including cards and mentalism. Effects that fooled the majority of magicians in attendance. These notes also contain directions for some of Devin's marketed effects and tells you how to make them.

Includes such effects:

  • Sanda-Panda Box
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Hollow Light Bulb Effects
  • Paint Can Surprise
  • Streamlined Koran Paper Tear
  • Poker Tells
  • and others.

A bargain at this price, as some of the marketed effects sell for more than the price of the lecture notes. 

Pages 44 - fully illustrated.


Retail price $15.00

Our price $10.00

A Knight of Magic Devin Knight's Lecture Tour Notes

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