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There is a certain universally-recognizable instant when the mind knows reality has slipped. Paul Harris called it the moment of astonishment. It happens when a levitation first leaves the ground. It happens when when daylight shows between two halves of a girl. And it happens just as the spectator realizes she is pulling her card straight through your finger.

This is "Bonesaw."

Feel the moment.

A spectator chooses a card and signs her name on the face. You tear a hole just large enough for your finger and put your initial on the card as well. Two more cards, stapled together, have corresponding holes. The spectator watches as you slide her card between the others. She sees the holes aligned and you slide your finger through. With your finger in place, you show the spectator that her signed card is still trapped inside the stapled pair. You show her that the card is trapped on both the outer and inner ends ? both sides. Her card is clearly stuck between the cards and pinned by your finger. Then you have her pull on her card. There is only one direction it can go. It cuts smoothly through your finger and finally emerges. No tears. No switches. Everything in view. The card with her signature, and yours, is hers to keep.

30 minute DVD teaches you everything you need to know, with tips and variations, to stun your audiences. Includes all the materials needed to make the gimmick, custom-sized for your hands, and perform the effect again and again.

Designed by Michelangelo, "Bonesaw" is a visual in-the-hands illusion that will trap your spectators in that rare moment of astonishment.


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Bone Saw by Michelangelo - DVD

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