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  • Page 42: Criss Angel: Beyond Houdini (The Man with no Fear) by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 56: Dave Baram: The Firm
  • Page 84: The Piddingtons: You Are The Judge by Barry Wiley



  • Page 10: Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 12: On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
  • Page 15: Max Maven's Monthly Inquisition
  • Page 15: Martin's Misdirection by James Burks
  • Page 16: Osborne Illusions: The Noma Illusion by Paul Osborne
  • Page 18: Clever Devil: The Train by Harold Cataquet
  • Page 19: Speaking Volumes: Mark Leveridge

==Magicana== by David Acer

  • Page 24: The 4D Card (Alex Elmsley
  • Page 26: Full Circle (Brian Nordstrom)
  • Page 27: The Schneider Technique: Reaction Packed (Al Schneider)
  • Page 28: Deep Vernon (Tyler Wilson)
  • Page 29: Muscle Pass Coin Production (Yannick Lacroix)
  • Page 30: Venetian Deck (Tom Stone)
  • Page 31: Flim-FlaMagic: Slop Shuffle Royal Flush (Bob Farmer)
  • Page 32: The Opposite of a Card Trick (David Regal)


Light from the Lamp

  • Page 94-98: Books Reviewed by David Regal
    • The Glorious Deception by Jim Steinmeyer
    • Act Two: Theater of the Mind by Barrie Richardson
    • Lorayne: The Classic Collection by Harry Lorayne
    • The Award-Winning Rope Magic of Francis Tabary
    • Deep Thought, Simple Minded, Clear Nite, Cash Out by Greg Arce
    • Project Latnem by Andy Hurst


  • Page 99-101: Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
    • Gregory Wilson-In Action, Volumes 1-3 by Gregory Wilson
    • The Essential Aldo Colombini, Volumes 1-3
    • An Introduction to The Shell Game by Whit Haydn and Bob Sheets
    • Ultimate Coin in the Balloon by Michael Bairefoot


  • Page 102-104: Tricks Reviewed by David Oliver
    • Gilligan's Prediction (Rodrigo Romano)
    • The Disposable Deck (David Regal)
    • B-Sandwiched (Peter Eggink)
    • The Wacky Worm (Chance Wolf)

Genii Magazine August 2005

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