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  • Page 24: Hare Brained: A Whacked Out Interview with Nemo Turner by David Acer
  • Page 29: 31 Faces North by Jamy Ian Swiss
  • Page 30: S.H. Sharpe Writes from the Beyond by Todd Karr
  • Page 34: Criss Angel: The New Face of Magic by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 59: Genii 2003 Index by Bill Mullins



  • Page 10: Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 13: On The Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
  • Page 14: Osborne Illusions: Up The Chimney he Rose by Paul Osborne
  • Page 19: Flim-Flam: Opti-Con: Five Packet Optical Confusion Illusion, Part II by Bob Farmer
  • Page 20: The Inside Story No. 6 by Mark Wilson
  • Page 56: Intermission
    • A Reply by Karl Johnson
    • The Giorgio Letters: In Response by Tony Giorgio
    • An Open Letter by James Swain
  • Page 65: Speaking Volumes: Rich Marotta by David Regal
  • Page 74: A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities #48 - Read All About It! The Magical Newspaper by Edwin A. Dawes



  • Page 86: Where Did the Coins Go? by Shoot Ogawa
  • Page 90: Gambler's Luck by Harry Lorayne
  • Page 90: The Hypnotic Rumba Count by Jean-Pierre Vallarino. Variation of his Rumba count that shows faces of only two cards while apparently showing all faces in four-card packet. (see video on right, marketed routine featuring Hypnotic Rumba Count)
  • Page 92: Confessions of a Road Warrior: Televise This! by David Acer
    • Postcards from the Dead


Light from the Lamp

  • Books Reviewed by David Regal
    • Page 98: Card Magic Companion (Paul Gordon)
    • Page 99: Seven by Michel Huot (David Acer)
    • Page 99: Matrix God's Way (John B. Born)
    • Page 100: Fetsching Magic (Robert Kirkwood Spencer)
    • Page 100: Card Conspiracy, Vol. 2 (Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson)
    • Page 100: Astonishing New Twists with Paul Harris' Reality Twister (Pete McCabe)
    • Page 101: Art and Magic (S.H. Sharpe)


  • Tricks Reviewed by David Oliver
    • Page 102: The Predator (R. Paul Wilson)
    • Page 102: Destination Box (Jon Allen)
    • Page 103: Symnergy (Symmatrix)
    • Page 103: Double Crossed (Daryl)
    • Page 104: Sleight Unseen Case, Generation II (Mark Strivings)


  • Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
    • Page 104: School of Hard Knocks: Confessions of a Street Magician (Rodney Reyes)
    • Page 105: Highlights of Paul Daniels Masterclass (Paul Daniels)
    • Page 105: Generation X (Brian Tudor)
    • Page 105: Inner Secrets of Professional Magic (Paul Daniels)
    • Page 105: Stealing Pips (Oz Pearlman)
    • Page 106: Learn to Twist and Above & Beyond (Daniel Herron and Tom Vorjohan)
    • Page 106: Great Scott! It's Magic! (Scott F. Guinn)

Genii Magazine December 2003

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