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  • Bruce Cervon: A Life in Magic by David Regal
    • The Diamond Revelation
    • An Effect from The Castle Notes
    • Bruce Cervon's Out of His Mind
  • Something Up My Sleeve by Teller
  • It's a Magic-Al World by Jeff Richards



  • Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
  • On The Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
  • Max Maven's Monthly Inquisition
  • Osborne Illusions: PunkinGal by Paul Osborne
  • Clever Devil Corner: The Seven Deadly Sins by Harold Cataquet
  • Speaking Volumes: David Ben by David Regal
  • Flim-Flam: Nine Card Hold'em by Bob Farmer
  • A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities 56, by Edwin A. Dawes


Light from the Lamp

  • Books Reviewed by Eric Mead
    • Closely Guarded Secrets by Michael Close
    • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Entertaining with Escapes by Steve Santini
    • Knuckle Busters Volume 4 by Reed McClintock


  • Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
    • Easy to Master Card Miracles, Volumes 7-9 by Michael Ammar
    • The Restaurant Magic of Dan Fleshman by Dan Fleshman
    • Secrets of Silk Magic Volume 2 by Duane Laflin
    • The Collected Secrets of Lubor Fiedler by Lubor Fiedler
    • Entertaining School Shows by John Zander
    • MagicBase Integrated Marketing Software by Bob Miller


  • Tricks Reviewed by David Oliver
    • Your Card Trick (Peter Eggink)
    • Hole in One (El Duco)
    • Alladin (Dominique Duvivier)
    • The Inside Out Mind (Dominique Duvivier)
    • Burning Thoughts (Kevin Wade)

Genii October 2004

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