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  • Ring & Chain magic is a favourite trick of magicians of all ages for over 100 years. The Ring On Chain uses a method that is so simple, if you can hold the chain in your fingers, you can do the trick!
  • Few basic effects: Loop the chain through the ring- BAM! The ring has freed itself!, Hold the chain in a loose loop, pass the ring over it- POW! The chain is now inside the ring., Spin the ring, drop the chain on top of it, and ZING! The ring is now on the chain., Let the ring hang from a loop in the chain, touch the ring, and ZOWIE! The ring falls to the floor!
  • The basic idea is that you can make a solid metal ring string itself on a chain- or make it escape from the necklace- by seemingly making the metal chain pass right through the ring. So easy yet so impactful that it is loved and used not only by the beginners but the masters, adults, professional magicians as well.
  • This Ring is made of a high-quality stainless steel rod, looks great on stage and the chain we supplied is thin and perfectly crafted steel to slid ring on a chain.
  • This easy yet so impactful routines gimmick are one perfect gift for all those who are interested in performing entertaining magic tricks on friends and family. Or gift to anyone for kids show, street magic souvenir, stage shows, birthday parties, halloween etc.

Magician's Ring on Chain

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