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Andy Dallas has taken the classic, No Tear Torn and Restored Newspaper, to a HOLE new level.

Remove small pieces of newspaper, one sheet at a time, all from different pockets.

Read a gag from each piece. In the blink of an eye, the pieces become a real newspaper.

There's one small problem -- the newspaper has a HOLE right through the front sheet.

No fake pieces, black art, etc. This is a REAL GENUINE HOLE.

The magician realizes that they left one last piece in their top pocket.

This piece is placed into the hole, and the front sheet is now instantly restored.

This is a brilliant piece of stand-up magic.

Fits like a glove into any type of act.

Read gags from each piece.

Perform to music.

Use as an Emcee/Compare.

Perfect for any children's show.

Trade shows, parlor shows or stage.

For the first time ever, the online video instructions teach step-by-step exactly how to make No Tear Newspaper 2, in ANY NEWSPAPER, IN ANY COUNTRY, IN THE WORLD, in less than 15 Minutes.

Highest recommendation. Easy to do.

No Tear Newspaper 2 - DVD & Gimmicks

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