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In this issue they chatted with The Clairvoyants, Thommy Ten, and Amélie van Tass about their experiences on America's Got Talent, recent marriage, and brand new world tour. These mentalists were the runner-ups on their season of AGT, and they headlined the Illusionist for many years. They now have their own show they are traveling around the world filling concert halls and arenas alike.

This issue is the double backer issue and they have some incredible magic for you inside, along with a free double backer!

Conn's Fusion by Doug Conn
Doug Conn of viral internet fame teaches us his go-to fusion effect where two signed playing cards fuse together. This is incredible and you can learn it directly from one of the world's greatest performers.

Double Barrel Speller by David Boothe
In spelling a selected card you produce the selection's three mates and then change all four cards into the four aces! This is an easy-to-do card effect that packs a huge punch, with kicker ending after kicker ending!

The Instant Incomplete I.Q. Test by Paul Harris
The prolific Paul Harris joins us this month with a presentation for a classic of magic. The magician gives clear instructions and the spectator follows along. They can never do what the magician does!

The Double Back Card Trick by Tom Dobrowolski
Tom Dobrowski teaches an incredible all-backs routine. The cards start as effective, with backs on both sides. They then morph into a four-of-a-kind at the magician's command.

Triple Whammy by Mike Powers
This is a mind-blowing, layered, fooler using several selections and a single gimmicked card. This combines methods to create an utterly impossible effect with a deck of cards. Three cards are chosen. The cards then vanish and move inside the deck slowly revealing their locations.

Finally, they discuss Franz Harary's creative process and how he created an innovative double sawing effect where two girls are sawed in half. Their legs and bodies are then exchanged while their actual hands and feet are held by the audience!

Penguin Magic Monthly - July 2023

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