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Peter’s exquisitely engineered gimmick does it all. YOU CLEARLY SHOW that there's nothing sticking out of your back pocket...just just a regular old back pocket.

Your hands are EMPTY and NEVER go close to your back pocket. Then, in a bizarre moment, you turn to show your pocket again…and now THE CARD HAS SUDDENLY APPEARED…STICKING OUT OF YOUR POCKET! (And yes, the normal card can immediately be plucked out by a spectator).

NOTHING to secretly grab or pull. This is one of the EASIEST, CLEANEST, and most AUTOMATIC way to have a vanished card suddenly appear while sticking out of your pocket.

And when you mix “Pocket Bizarre” with the classic Paul Harris “Bizarre Vanish”...then add a little something special from get the Perfect Bizarre Astonishment!

Now have your spectator hold a single signed card where it INSTANTLY and VISIBLY VANISHES from their fingers. A moment later the signed card appears sticking out of your just-seen-empty back pocket! Peter’s incredibly easy non-palm discovery is a joy to perform whether you’re a beginner or professional.

And for even more BIZARRE FUN: Included are two more gasp-inspiring card vanishes:

Glenn Morphew's Rub-a-Dub Deluxe and Jeremiah Zuo's Box Vanish. The pure power of these vanishes are impossible to describe. Just watch the demo to see for yourself!

Hands are nowhere near your back pocket before card appears.

• Signed and un-signed options.
• Very Easy To Do.
• Nothing to secretly grab or pull.
• You are 100% in Control of when the card appears.
• Option to let spectator remove card from your pocket.
• Instant reset.
• Use any normal deck and any normal back pocket.
• Just throw the gimmick into your pocket and you’re always ready.
• Use for Pocket-Production of Money, Credit Cards, Business Cards.

Peter Eggink’s “Pocket Bizarre” comes complete with the specially Engineered Pocket Bizarre Gimmick, PH Bizarre Vanish, Bonus Vanishes and instructional DVD.


Retail price $39.95 

Our price $35.00 

Pocket Bizarre by Peter Eggink (DVD and Gimmick)

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