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Shoe Business 2.0 is an updated version that combines the Comedy Drink in the Shoe with the Bandana/Banana premise. Created by professional magician, Scott Alexander, this modern-day comedy magic classic uses a bottle of water, a borrowed shoe and a smart phone personal assistant's voice. The 6-minute routine takes your audience for a ride as you follow the Siri-like voice from your smart phone and "learn" how to pour water into a spectator's shoe, and remove it in a filled drinking glass! The step-by-step instructions result in endless laughter!

The hilarity comes naturally as the smart phone voice, played over your sound system, misunderstands  your questions. Click on the video and you'll see what we mean. She gets so many things confused! This is especially funny because it's a situation that every smart phone owner experiences when using their own smart phone assistant.

This deluxe edition of Shoe Business comes with a custom made poly-acrylic cup, a mock smartphone, and an audio track featuring all the new jokes and bits of business that have been developed since the first version was released. 

If you do kids shows, then you're familiar with the Magician in Trouble plot. That's what Shoe Business 2.0 is all about and it's a plot that kids and their families really love. The final moment when you extract the cup of liquid from the borrowed shoe is magical and unexpected. 

Your audience will really enjoy you giving them the "business" when you make Shoe Business 2.0 the highlight of your show.


Note: This does not include plastic fake phone but you can use your personal phone just as easily


Retail $99.95

Our Price $75.00 


Video Demo

Shoe Business 2.0

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