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SMACK! is Francis Menotti's lightning fast, in-your-face card restoration. The brilliant gimmick you receive enables this incredible restoration that DEMANDS great reactions.

Here's what happens:

You begin by tearing a SIGNED card into random jagged pieces. The torn pieces are handed to your spectator to see, taken back, and SMACK!!!


The card is then IMMEDIATELY given away as a souvenir.

Included is a custom-made gimmick and Francis Menotti's professional routine. Also included are many tips from Francis on how to present this effect in a variety of situations.


"A very clever T&R idea. There are many practical methods. My favorite is the SMACK DECK!" -Marcus Eddie

"Francis Menotti's Smack is a DVD full of ideas and thoughts on the torn and restored card using a brand new gimmick. I don't do torn and restored cards often but for anyone who is looking for one Menotti will provide a simple, commercial, solution that can be performed in the real world. Pay close attention to the Back in Time plot and the Single double, these are hidden gems that make the DVD completely worth it." -Joshua Burch

"I love this. Visual and practical. Just like everything Francis does, it is extremely well thought out and developed through tons of real world performance" -Dan White

"The visual restore smacked me in my brain. Immediately started the wheels turning for opportunities to use this!" -Blake Vogt


Retail Price $24.95

Our Price $20.00


SMACK! by Francis Menotti (DVD + Gimmick)

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