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You display three half dollars, a coffee cup and a Bic pen. Holding one of the coins you wave the pen over your hand and the coin disappears! When you pick up the cup there's a loud clink, and you dump out the coin. Suspecting that the spectators might think you were cheating and had the coin in your hand, you offer to repeat the effect. Again, with a wave of the pen a coin vanishes and a loud clink comes from the cup, despite the fact that no one was near it! You offer to repeat it for the third and final time. This time you place a deck of cards over the mouth of the cup, making it totally impossible. However, after waving the pen over the coin in your hand, it disappears and a loud clink sounds from the cup! Lifting off the deck of cards you dump all three coins from the cup! Sonic Silver resets instantly and works with any coins!

Retail price $30.00 

Our Price $22.00 

Sonic Silver by John Kennedy

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