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These brightly colored bouquets of paper flowers pack flat, and can be produced instantly from almost anywhere! The effect is that the flowers seem to appear from nowhere; they can be hidden in a production box, a book, up your sleeve, etc. Spring Flowers require no skill to use and can be folded back up and used over and over. These Spring Flowers includes 12 blossoms, all tied together to make a bouquet. Each 3.75 inch long blossom is constructed on a spring, so it pops open to about an 8 inch bouquet when released. Fold them up, and hide them wherever you like - up your sleeve, in a dove pan or in some other magical device (not included). If necessary, secure the flowers so they don't open early, small binder clips work very well for this purpose. You get one set of Spring Flowers (individual blooms on string) made of paper. You supply the method of producing the flower bouquet.


Retail price $9.99 

Our Price $7.00 

Spring Flowers Magic Trick

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