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After working restaurants for over 20 years, Carl discovered that 3 cups are just one too many. A single cup isn't interesting enough, but two cups is just right.

As you�ll see, Carl Andrews' Table Hopping Cups and Balls is a 2-cup routine that travels light but is full of laughs and surprises.

You start by making the balls vanish and then reappear � instantly � beneath the cups. Next, the balls travel through the cups, then in one of the most magical phases, one ball appears magically on top of the cup�in full view!

Then come a series of lighting quick vanishes and reappearances climaxing in the revelation of the final loads � spongeballs! Carl uses these balls right afterwards in his signature Ain�t No Mo spongeball routine (also explained).

Due to the construction of the routine, you can perform Carl�s Table Hopping Cups and Balls without a jacket, and the routine is completely angle proof.

Manufacturer Says

This DVD features both live and in-studio performances plus multiple angle explanations.


Retail price $30.00 

Our Price $20.00 

Table Hopping Cups & Balls

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